DANCE CLASS: We will ran de jambe and jete' for joy. Ballet, tap, hip-hop and/or jazz. Class curriculum includes poise, technique and more. These classes have an optional recital at the end of the season. Classes are grouped by age. 

HIP HOP CLASSES: Hip-hop dance class with a mix of modern, Afro-beat and MORE!

YOGA CLASS: Each and every yoga class we teach is carefully crafted and sequence to ensure we reach all levels. 

YIN: Yin yoga has been called the yoga you didn't know you needed. Slow and stretchy, it's an easeful place to begin yoga, yet deeply beneficial for the advanced yogi as well. Join us for a deep, gentle stretch, concluding in deep relaxation and sound healing.


In this class, an assistant teacher will give adjustments to keep you in correct alignment. 


Weaving together Tantric tools and philosophy with modern techniques, I present to you, “Wild Bliss,” a 75-minute holistic embodiment class designed to take you from feeling stuck, blocked, and small to fully embodying your inherent wildness and expanding your capacity for bliss. Each class will be a delicious journey through the unconscious and subconscious realms, where we'll learn how to build and use our primal energy skillfully, release and integrate blockages and suppressed emotions, and connect to all parts of ourselves with greater love, awareness, and power through meditation, breath-work, ecstatic dance, cathartic release, and so much more. Do you want to feel more alive? Come get wild.     

WARIOR WOLF: A high intensity flow class for more experienced practioners of asana based on the Ashtanga and Rocket methods. This class is all about pushing your limits and finding that inner strength you might not have known you possessed. It also focuses heavily on using the ujjayi breath to stay present in difficult postures, which translates into daily life.

TRAP HOUSE YOGA/TRAP n ZEN: Just a yoga class with trap music. Started in 2016...right here in RVA.

MAMASTE: Bring your little one to class while you flow. Stretch and strengthen while enjoying a vinyasa flow that will suit all levels. Moms and dads all bond with their little ones in the postnatal and prenatal classes offered at Downward Dog. All mamaste/dadaste classes are for all parents/children. Childcare is also available. 

YINHALE: This class is deliciously stretchy and relaxing. With slower pacing and an emphasis on passive stretching, yin can be an easeful place to begin yoga. At the same time, yin is deeply beneficial for established yogis who want to increase flexibility, improve alignment, and expand their practice, with special attention to hips, hamstrings, and any tight areas. Poses are held for two minutes or more, so be ready to chill out and breathe deeply. Class ends with deep relaxation and sound healing, bringing on a serene weekend headspace.

DOWN DOG FLOW: Who knows what we will do? The playlist and flow are instructor's choice but there will be plenty of amplifications/modifications to suit all levels. In this class, we get the wiggles out in a bit of a challenging flow with tons of amplifications/mods. Have fun. 

NEW DOG FLOW: We will explore gaze, alignment and breath work in this beginner's class. Learn more about sun salutations and how yoga flows all work together. 

SOUND BATH: Enjoy the healing benefits of a sound bath, replete with your favorite sounds and affirmations. 

NIDRA: This is yogi nap time. Check in with a body scan and creating positive and current affirmations. 

GET STILL: We begin with a gentle, nurturing yoga asana practice to soothe the body, easing away physical stress through mindful movement. Moving into deeper stillness, we flow into a guided yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra, also called yogic sleep, is a deep rest and meditation, beginning with a tender, accepting awareness of the body, then compassionate awareness of thoughts and feelings that might arise, finally dropping into a still, aware state of mind. We conclude with a sound bath, enjoying the beautiful resonance of Tibetan bowls.

DANCE FLOW:Get Down Dance Flow is a fusion class designed for the all levels student who wants to explore the fluidity of motion, while maintaining the active awareness of breath through this unique approach to the yogic practice. The class sequence will combine a dominate portion of yoga asanas with elements of dance to explore students' strength, flexibility, fluidity, balance and grace. Dynamic yet graceful movement ending in spiritual bliss. 


Each class will offer a sequence of restorative postures designed to heal the mind, body, and soul from chronic stress and fatigue. Using props to support the body, we’ll veg out in a each posture for several minutes, allowing the darkened atmosphere to calm the mind, giving way to a deeper experience of relaxation. You’ll rise from Savasana rejuvenated and renewed, ready to roll right into the week full of your best self. 


In this class, we will experience different modern dance techniques through choreography, as well as incorporate our own improvised movement. Both individual and contact-improv will be integrated, allowing us to express the ways we move independently and explore movement together.


This class will get the juices flowing, linking breath with movement.  Incorporating some dance elements, this yoga class will let you discover your own sense of movement and energy.  You may want to play with a challenging pose or find a new quality in simple movements.  This class will let you find what feels good for your body today as you dance through your practice.  

ZENYASA: Imagine working REALLY hard and resting even harder. That is what Zenyasa is all about. Follow this...lots of Sun As/Bs, Mary Lunges, then boat loads of rest and refection.


Modeled from the meetings of 12-step programs, Y12SR (the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) is a group sharing circle followed by an intentional, themed meditation and/or breathwork and a yoga class. Y12SR is for anyone dealing with their own maladaptive or addictive behaviors or affected by those behaviors in others. It will deepen any work that participants may be currently doing or jumpstart the journey of self-discovery. “All A’s are welcome! What does Y12SR class entail? A 45 minute Y12SR meeting– Follows a similar format to traditional 12 Step meetings but the focus is on topics related to both yoga and the 12 Steps. Participants in Y12SR meetings are invited to stay for a 45 minute yoga practice, which is appropriate for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Within the practice we reinforce the work we do in recovery and allow the “issues in the tissues” to be released, clearing the way for deep transformation and healing!

For further information on Y12SR and the wonderful work within the program, visit 

NO Flow and Gentle Flow

This is a class for brand new yogis, yogis who have been away from practice, or anyone who just needs a gentle, sweet approach to movement. Annie Peace will guide gentle stretching, gradually moving into a few strengthening and balancing poses, with an emphasis on body awareness and kindly caring for the body through movement. All are welcome! If you have questions or a specific need, please feel free to message us.


It's so easy for us to get lost in translation with our busy schedules and responsibilities, leaving little time for self-preservation and self-praise. This session is all about bringing awareness to slowing down the pace and realigning. Offering a slower approach to vinyasa style yoga is what makes this class accessible to everyone. Expect to explore and dive into self-care through journaling, mindful movement, meditation, and good conversation. 

Bellydance Adventures: An Intro to Dance with Twila  (workshop)

Introductory bellydance class with Twila, where we will flow, mve, and get a taste of the serpentine, percussive, and expressive qualities of the dance form! We will also discover some of the roots and origins of this incredible cultural art.

Bellydance Flow, Isolation, and Release

Join Twila for dance exploration aimed to help you ground through your body, strengthen from any starting point, and move into positive, artful release to a unique musical soundtrack. Each class will consist of a warmup movement flow and conditioning section, muscle and energy-based dance technique, archetypical exploration through music and intention, and a stretch-based cool down. Movement vocabulary pulls from Twila's signature style of Fusion dance, with ample reference to her roots in Raqs Sharqi (bellydance), yoga, and experimental movement. Each class will include percussive isolation movement, expansive extensions, and buttery serpentine flows.