DANCE CLASS: We will ran de jambe and jete' for joy. Ballet, tap, hip-hop and/or jazz. Class curriculum includes poise, technique and more. These classes have an optional recital at the end of the season. Classes are grouped by age. 

YOGA CLASS: Each and every yoga class we teach is carefully crafted and sequence to ensure we reach all levels. 

YIN: Yin yoga has been called the yoga you didn't know you needed. Slow and stretchy, it's an easeful place to begin yoga, yet deeply beneficial for the advanced yogi as well. Join us for a deep, gentle stretch, concluding in deep relaxation and sound healing.


Who knows what we will do? The playlist and flow are instructor's choice but there will be plenty of amplifications/modifications to suit all levels. In this class, we get the wiggles out in a bit of a challenging flow with tons of amplifications/mods. Have fun. 

In this class, an assistant teacher will give adjustments to keep you in correct alignment. 

WARIOR WOLF: A high intensity flow class for more experienced practioners of asana based on the Ashtanga and Rocket methods. This class is all about pushing your limits and finding that inner strength you might not have known you possessed. It also focuses heavily on using the ujjayi breath to stay present in difficult postures, which translates into daily life.

MAMASTE: Bring your little one to class while you flow. Stretch and strengthen while enjoying a vinyasa flow that will suit all levels. Moms and dads all bond with their little ones in the postnatal and prenatal classes offered at Downward Dog. All mamaste/dadaste classes are for all parents/children. Childcare is also available. 

YINHALE: This class is deliciously stretchy and relaxing. With slower pacing and an emphasis on passive stretching, yin can be an easeful place to begin yoga. At the same time, yin is deeply beneficial for established yogis who want to increase flexibility, improve alignment, and expand their practice, with special attention to hips, hamstrings, and any tight areas. Poses are held for two minutes or more, so be ready to chill out and breathe deeply. Class ends with deep relaxation and sound healing, bringing on a serene weekend headspace.

SOUND BATH: Enjoy the healing benefits of a sound bath, replete with your favorite sounds and affirmations. 

NIDRA: This is yogi nap time. Check in with a body scan and creating positive and current affirmations. 


Each class will offer a sequence of restorative postures designed to heal the mind, body, and soul from chronic stress and fatigue. Using props to support the body, we’ll veg out in a each posture for several minutes, allowing the darkened atmosphere to calm the mind, giving way to a deeper experience of relaxation. You’ll rise from Savasana rejuvenated and renewed, ready to roll right into the week full of your best self. 


In this class, we will experience different modern dance techniques through choreography, as well as incorporate our own improvised movement. Both individual and contact-improv will be integrated, allowing us to express the ways we move independently and explore movement together.

ZENYASA: Imagine working REALLY hard and resting even harder. That is what Zenyasa is all about. Follow this...lots of Sun As/Bs, Mary Lunges, then boat loads of rest and refection.

NO Flow and Gentle Flow

This is a class for brand new yogis, yogis who have been away from practice, or anyone who just needs a gentle, sweet approach to movement. Annie Peace will guide gentle stretching, gradually moving into a few strengthening and balancing poses, with an emphasis on body awareness and kindly caring for the body through movement. All are welcome! If you have questions or a specific need, please feel free to message us.