Susan Elaine

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Our Instructors


Virginia Crenshaw

Meet Virginia, instructor at @downwarddogdance. For over 10 years, Virginia has taught dance around the Richmond area with her mobile business VADancing/DancingLittleStars. Former RPS Teacher and current VCU Instructor, advocate of #givebackrva, Virginia Holds a special place in her heart for "The Underdogs" as well as those who fight to make a change in their community.  She adds a special flair to her classes (comedy, basically) and considers herself a savasana specialis


Annie Peace

Meet Annie! Annie Peace @annabel_lah has been practicing yoga since age 12, when a kind PE teacher began offering #hatha #yoga as an alternative to dodge ball! She quickly fell in love with the practice. Her personal practice and teaching ranges from serene #restorative yoga to more vigorous #Rocketvinyasa, always with a focus on yoga as a mindful, #therapeutic practice. Having recovered from an injury herself, she believes everyone can do yoga, starting from where they are and expanding what they can do. 

An E-RYT-200 (twice), she trained here in Richmond at Karuna Yoga and at The Yoga Dojo.  Prior to teaching yoga, Annie was a massage therapist with a focus on healing, physical comfort, and a peaceful state of mind. She hopes to bring those same qualities into her yoga classes.  She lives in #Richmond with her daughter, making art, playing board games, and trying to grow plants. 


Ashley Frye



Rama Lemacks

Meet Rama! Rama will teach pranayama classes as well as a few sunrise vinyasa flows. He's studied yogic practices for almost a decade now, beginning with yoga nidras and chakra meditations. The Unity of Bon Air was a spiritual sanctuary for him at the age of 13, a youth struggling to find light in a world that felt very dark. Through meditation, and martial arts, he began to remember who he was born to be. At 17, he started studying the Astanga Vinyasa method of #Hatha Yoga to improve his flexibility and skills for Brazilian Jiujitsu, but quickly fell in love with it as a spiritual path in itself. Since then, Rama has had the privilege to train with many prominent hatha yoga instructors and martial artists, as well as a broad array of spiritual teachers of different faiths and colors. His dream is to create a world of self-sustainability and harmony, through the celebration of life in these practices. The Native American elders at Standing Rock and Nibezum put out the call for young warriors to come together in a good way, and he hopes you will join him in this peaceful revolution. Namasté


Alison Hord

Alison is pumped to be back in the Richmond Virginia area bringing this particular form of Breathwork she found in 2016 that changed her life for the very better (physically, emotionally, and mentally), and has been chasing the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with #Breathwork ever since. Trained and certified in Los Angeles, Alison eventually had a calling to come back to Richmond, start Golden Prana Breathwork, and share this gift with everyone she would come in contact with. Alison has led hundreds of Breathwork circles, works with individual clients, private party events, yoga studios,  corporate wellness, staff trainings, and community events. Her greatest passion is to watch people heal, grow, and become empowered to step into their individuality and their own, unique, expression.  If you’re curious to know more, check her out at
or contact her at .


Kimberly Glass

Kimberly Glass created KGHealthy Habits in 2015 out of her passion for nutrition and wellness. She is a mother of two amazing teens. Kim is also an R.N., a Certified personal trainer and Nutrition Coach with a passion for helping people live their best life! 

Her goal for Downward Dog Dance is to bring awareness to the community the importance of good nutrition and how it can have a positive impact on your life.   Learning to eat nutrient dense foods most of the time is key for living and feeling your best!



Andrew is a certified 200 hour RYT as well as a Y12SR certified yoga instructor who specializes in vinyasa flow and Y12SR informed classes.  The eight limbed path of yoga has offered a solution, a way to healthfully recover from the chaos of unconscious life and tools to stay present and uncover the peace within.  Realizing and experiencing the many benefits yoga has given Andrew in his own life he has dedicated much of his time to teach and share the benefits of yoga to all who seek it.


Sarah Minton

Sarah Minton, originally from Columbus Ohio, started dancing at a young age.  She trained at BalletMet Columbus, studying ballet, modern, jazz and character dance.  In 8th grade, she began taking a weekly yoga class as part of her dance curriculum at BalletMet.  As she progressed with her dancing career, yoga became a physical and emotional tool she used to build strength, flexibility and let go of stress.

After High School, she danced as a trainee with Charlotte Ballet for two years.  In 2017, she moved to Richmond to be a trainee with Richmond Ballet and began teaching preschool dance classes with “Dancing Little Stars”.  She is excited to be back from an 18-day 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Shivakali Yoga in Southern California.  Yoga continues to help Sarah find her true-self, letting go of anxiety, judgment, perfectionism, and the need for external validation.  Her hope is to share this connection with the true self through movement and breath in her classes, helping people find more peace and joy. 


Stacy Xiang

Stacy ha been practicing Yoga for over 10 Years. Yoga helps her body, mind and spirit grow stronger and inspires her to live in thepresent and more mindfully.

She completed her 200 hour Karuna training with 4025 Yoga and Wellness. That was the best decision she feels she ever made for herself. She says she really enjoyed and appreciated everything her teachers taught and shared with her during the training. 

Karuna Yoga is all about "compassion" and our mantra for the teaching of asana is Ahimsa (non-harming). When Stacy presents Yoga asana in class, she pays close attention to each individual’s physical abilities and needs. Karuna Yoga asanas are presented in a codified manner with focusing on fundamental poses that will lead to greater understanding and ease for cueing other more advanced asanas with in the same category. 

After she received the chance to teach Kids Yoga at an after school program, she fell in love teaching Kids Yoga. She realized how much kids love yoga as well as how much they need yoga. She decided to add her Kidding Around Yoga certificate to deepen her knowledge of teaching yoga to kids. 

While Yoga is always her first passion,she also enjoys hiking, scuba-diving, watching movies and volunteering for animal shelters.


Hillary Robertson-Forrest

Hillary teaches Restorative on Sundays.All levels and new yogis welcome.